All of our All Girls Math Tournaments are hosted in different locations in different venues. This can result in very different capacity sizes, though we will try our best to have similar capacities in each location. Each tournament may cater to a different range of grades for the participants. Check out the tournament held in your area to find the most accurate details for you!

Where are the tournaments being held?
A list of the current locations that will be holding an All Girls Math Tournament this year can be found here. The list will be continually updated to ensure that all locations are accounted for. If you know of an All Girls Math Tournament that is going to be hosted, please let us know and we’ll add it on the list.

Which tournament should I attend?
It would be most convenient for you to attend the tournament closest to your location. Check out the list of tournaments to see which one would be best for you!

Can I attend more than one All Girls Math Tournament?
Due to possible scheduling conflicts, we are holding the All Girls Math Tournaments on two different days: Saturday and Sunday. You cannot attend more than one of the All Girls Math Tournaments held by STEAM for All in the same year.

How do I register?
Sign up for the All Girls Math Tournament using the online form on the Registration page! Be sure to sign up for your particular tournament!