The Experience

Hosting a Math for Service All Girls Math Tournament is simple! And so rewarding at the same time!

What YOU Will Need

Don’t be worried that the process of hosting an All Girls Math Tournament is too much labor intensive to do throughout the school year! Math for Service has greatly simplified the tournament hosting process so that you only have a few things to do. All you need is to take care of the venue, the promotion, the volunteers, and the actual tournament day, and we’ll take care of the rest!

What WE Will Provide

Math for Service will take care of the aspects of the tournament that are all too often too much work or too complicated for tournaments to run successfully. We will take care of the participant registration for your location, and give you all of the information you need! We will provide all of the tests, answer sheets, and answer keys, and we will also provide the medals that will serve as the prizes.

Why Host an All Girls Math Tournament?

Sure, hosting a Math for Service All Girls Math Tournament takes effort. But this effort is spent in support of an immensely important issue that is still too prevalent in society today. Through our efforts, we can try to make even a small change by providing an opportunity for girls to flex their mathematical muscles and demonstrate their own skills.

And from this, you will receive an enriching experience in community service and leadership. You can develop your organization and communication skills, and probably connect with other teachers, students, and advisors who you would never have met otherwise!

If you’re now inspired to host an All Girls Math Tournament in your area (who wouldn’t, right?), check out our Tournament Hosting process!