AGMT End of Year Summary

The 7th annual All Girls Math Tournament was held on the weekend of April 23rd and 24th. This year, the tournament expanded from having 2 locations to having 5 different locations: Cypress, Cupertino, Las Vegas, San Diego, and the main location, Laguna Niguel. These different locations were able to serve over 200 girls and provide opportunities for more than 40 volunteers.

Many changes and innovations were introduced this year. Several of the tournament locations invited guest speakers to the event in order to talk to the girls about how math had helped them in their respective careers. In addition, the team round was replaced with an activity round in an effort to make the competition more interactive.

Over the next year, AGMT is hoping to be able to inspire even more girls to pursue math. Under the leadership of President Natalie Yee, we are expanding to reach all over the nation and establish more satellites.