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The annual All Girls Math Tournament is a math competition for girls in grades 3 to 8.  Our tournament combines competition-style math problems with collaborative team activities. Each tournament features a presentation from a keynote speaker about the role of mathematics in her career.

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Problem of the Month

rosesFor Mother’s Day, Joey decided to get her mom a dozen roses that were either red or white. However, red roses and white roses are different prices. If she orders twice as many white roses as red ones, the total cost would be $32. If she orders three times as many red roses as white ones, the total cost would be $42. If she wants an equal amount of red roses and white roses, how much would the roses cost?

eastereggOn Easter, Sarah and her friends were trying to split their Easter eggs into even piles. If they split their eggs into 3 equal piles, they would have 2 eggs left over. If they tried to split it into five piles, they would have 4 eggs left over. If they split their eggs into seven piles, they would have three eggs left over. If they have less than 100 eggs, how many eggs do they have?

st_patricks_day_shamrock_png_clipart_pictureOn St. Patrick’s Day, Sarah wanted to wear green so she wouldn’t get pinched. However, on St. Patrick’s Day, her power was out, so she couldn’t see her clothes! So, she decides to pick one random shirt, one random pair of pants, and one pair of shoes. If she has 5 shirts (2 of which are green), 4 pants (1 of which is green), and 6 pairs of shoes (3 of which are green), what is the probability she picks an outfit with at least 1 item that is green? (Answer with a fraction.)
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